Email Relationship Coaching

Don't have time to see a counselor, can't get your partner to participate, only have a quick question? Whatever your reason, e-mail counseling might be right for you.

Step One: Complete the form below. Details matter, so don't condense too much.

Step Two: I will review your information and provide a series of follow-up questions.

Step Three: After studying your responses I will send a Suggestion Package--a set of written ideas and recommendations based upon our communications-- followed by a PayPal invoice for $40.

Step Four: If you find the Suggestion Package valuable, please pay the invoice at your convenience. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply disregard the invoice—though I would appreciate knowing how I could be more effective.

Step Five: If you desire, and after receiving notification of your payment, counseling will continue at a rate of $40 per Suggestion Package. I look forward to helping you reach your relationship goals.

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Terms of Use
1) Though potentially valuable, due to the limitations of electronic communication, e-mail counseling is not a substitute for in-office treatment. If your circumstances are deemed by the therapist to be inappropriate for e-mail counseling, services will be denied or discontinued and a recommendation for a more appropriate service will be provided.
2) Use of is intended for individuals 18 years or older and who do not suffer from any major mental health disorder.
3) If you are having thoughts of suicide, believe you may be a danger to yourself of others or otherwise in need of immediate medical attention, please call 911 of your local emergency services.
4) will keep information stored on its computers and data storage equipment confidential. However, communications with are not encrypted, are transmitted through public and private computer networks which may not be secured and, therefore, the contents of which could potentially be viewed by unauthorized persons. is not responsible for breaches in privacy originating from equipment beyond its control.